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At Keith Rainz, we are the top Social Media Agency In Zambia specialized in social media management and marketing in Lusaka Zambia and world at large.

We are an Award Winning Social Media agency For Businesses in Zambia. For two years, from leading start-ups and small companies in Zambian to one of the world’s largest and most exciting companies, we’ve been managing the social media for all. We are full and flexible, covering strategy, creative pay-for-money media, community governance, influencers, campaigns and much more. We’re the agency for you if you first want to think socially at the heart of your brand.

Our Social Media Services in Zambia at Keith Rainz

We think that companies in Zambia need access to specialists to stand out. The four teams throughout our social media agency make use of their unique mixture of talent, knowledge and experience.

Social media strategy in Zambia

Strategy sets out where we go and how we get there. We do that by diagnosing your business problem with you, expanding the landscape to identify your possibilities and developing a social media strategy to move your business from A to B. What the reason for?

Our Creativity at Keith Rainz

Our own production and content team. A collective of photographers, video artists, animators, authors and designers who think first socially. Working closely with strategy and the media in order to work effectively, but especially relevant.

Media at Keith Rainz

The heart of all we do is paid social. The media are leading our distribution, ensuring at the right time and in the right place what we do is seen by the right person. Whether publicity campaigns or paid associations with such thought-producing publishers, performance is measured-constantly striving to achieve the best results at the cheapest price.

Social media management in Zambia

The team on your platforms will set their eyes every day to ensure they are running like a clockwork. All from project management, community management, managing influencer, timing and reporting. Seven days a week on the front lines to ensure that we do the best we can.

Why choose Keith Rainz for social media in Zambia

We have helped brands navigate the social sphere by combining leading research and technical know-how to deliver first social strategies and campaigns. Like our team, nobody understands social media.

Whilst we don’t touch anything outside of the social sector, we offer everything-with specialized teams that deliver strategy and content production.

The drive for thought is inherent in Zambia’s companies and not out of expenditure. We therefore always concentrate on what social value can add-not behind likes, comments and shares-and develop a special strategy to deliver it.

We have supported our customers with longer than most, more commercially effective social media and are proud of our ability to adapt our social knowledge to any of your business challenges.

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