Keith Rainz


My name is Keith Mvula but mainly known as Keith Rainz aged 21 years old from Lusaka Zambia. I am a self-taught forex trader and have been trading for more than 4 years since high school in 2017. Since then, I have shared everything I have learned in my trading journey on my YouTube channels and my other social media platforms.

Keith Rainz

My audience

My audience is African and Zambia being the top, seconded by South Africa, Nigeria and the rest of other African countries.

To make some extra money, I have promoted some of the brokers as an affiliate and Ib. Below are some of the brokers I have helped gain customers and exposure from my audience.

1. Broker 1: Deriv also known as is a forex broker that has been existing for more than 20 years. It is the broker that I created my trading account with when I started forex. 3 years later, I decided to sign up as an affiliate and promote it to my audience.

deriv total customers
deriv total customers

As of today 4th October, I have referred about 204 traders.

How did I do it?

  • I made a review on deriv on this blog and added my affiliate link
  • I made a review on my YouTube channel too and put the affiliate link in description
  • I have also included the link in all of my YouTube video description
  • Sometimes I refer people to Deriv to those who contact me looking for a reliable broker
  • I have shared the link across my social media platforms.


I was contacted by Superforex in July 2022 to become and introducing broker in Zambia and I accepted and I was given a certificate.

superforex certificate for Keith Rainz

How did I perform?

I referred a total of 144 customers for super forex from Zambia, how did I do it? Well super forex had a ZMW account and people were interested in trading forex in local currency, unfortunately, I stopped promoting it because many people complained that sometimes their deposits were not reflected and withdraws were processed but no money was sent and support was of no help.

How did I get 144 customers?

I simply created a playlist on my Zambian YouTube channel and created 8 videos on how to get started trading forex with ZMW. And I also created a Whatsapp group where interacted and helped Zambians get started.

3. Infinox

Infinox contacted me last month (September) to create videos about their broker and their products and also get to sign up as an IB and earn from that too.


So far I have referred 11 customers.

My audiences

My other social media platforms

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To summarize, without spending any money on advertising, I have been able to get these results organically by simply creating content and that is how I have grown my personal social media pages too. I believe by working with me and creating content, I can increase your brand awareness and also get clients. Even though the signups I generated to these brokers are not so many, I have actually generated thousands of traffic to them and people have chose out of their free will to create accounts. Mostly, my whole audience are traders and already have trading accounts from different brokers and they will only register with a different broker if it is better than their current.