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Because of what is happening in Lusaka: the kidnappings, corona etc, makes it hard to meet people you do not know. But that is not supposed to prevent us from interacting and helping each other. We are now in 2022, having to meet physically is actually not necessary. Technology has improved, we can simply make use of Google meet, Zoom or even normal WhatsApp video calls.

From this page, you will be able to schedule an online appointment at your own time of choosing.

How to Schedule an online appointment with Keith Rainz

You first have to know what you would like to consult or know from me, it is advisable to write everything down before the online meeting so that you don’t end up forgetting to ask the most important questions. Before the appointment, make sure that you pay the agreed appointment fee to payment details below.

How to pay Keith Rainz for the online appointment

To pay using your card or mobile money online, click here:

To pay via mobile money manually, send to 0977770202 Keith Mvula

To pay via Bitcoin, send to 3CXk4hQjf5J2bMXg2f8k7gcs3vUCNgMEyL

To pay via PayPal, send to

To pay via Skrill, send to

Remember you can pay anytime but it has to before the meeting not after. And remember to send me a screenshot on WhatsApp so that I can know that it is from you.


You should be able to spare atleast between 20 and 60 minutes of your time and you must be in a quiete place. Your internet connection should be fast too. Use Airtel, Liquid or MTN.

How much do I charge for online appointments

You can contact me to have an exact amount I would charge you. The cost depends on what you would like to learn from me and how long it would take. Below are some of the things you might want to learn from me.

1. Monetizing your social media platforms in Zambia appointment

Keith Rainz earnings
Keith Rainz earnings

The screenshot above is for the earnings of my main YouTube channel alone. If you would like to monetize your YouTube channel, TikTok Account, Facebook page, Instagram page and other social media platforms, then this appointment is for you. This is going to cost you a K200. What can you expect to know from this appointment?

  1. how I have made money from these platforms
  2. how I monetized these platforms
  3. how I got paid (more than $1000) with proof
  4. explain to you how they all work
  5. help you get monetized
  6. help you get paid
  7. and finally help you increase your earnings plus many more

2. Affiliate marketing appointment in Zambia

digistore in Zambia
digistore in Zambia

The screenshot above, is for earnings I made from Digistore alone. Affiliate marketing is where you promote other people’s products online and earn a commission. I have made more than $1000 from affiliate marketing in Zambia. This is going to cost you K200. What can you expect to learn from this appointment?

  1. How I made more than $1000 through affiliate marketing in Zambia
  2. learn how affiliate marketing works
  3. affiliate marketing platforms that work in Zambia
  4. how to find products to promote
  5. where to promote
  6. how to get paid
  7. how to boost earnings plus so many more.

3. Forex trading appointment in Zambia

keith rainz dp2p
keith rainz dp2p

I have been trading forex for more than 3 years and it is my main source of income. The screenshot above, is from Deriv p2p, you can notice the BUYS are few and the SELLINGS are a lot which are withdraws. so what can you learn from this appointment? please note that, you are not going to learn everything about what forex is, I am simply going to guide you and recommend resources that has worked for me. This appointment is going to cost you a K200.

  1. The mistakes have made in trading
  2. what is working for me in trading
  3. know if forex trading is for you
  4. guide you from where to begin
  5. help you become profitable and general advice

4. Online shop in Zambia appointment with Keith Rainz

keith rainz online shop earnings
keith rainz online shop earnings

The screenshot above is showing how much money I have made from selling my services and products alone on my online shop. I can help you launch an online shop that works on autopilot. What can you expect to learn from this appointment? this is going to cost you K200.

  1. Why I created my online shop
  2. how long it took me to make my first sale
  3. how I promote my products
  4. how to create an online shop
  5. how to increase sales plus to many more


I have helped a lot of content creators in Zambia to finally be able to make money online and some individuals increase their sales. You can see all of my services here.

The video below is an interview of Mr Mwamba also known as traveltainment by Lily Mutamz who has 100,000+ subscribers in Zambia. He is one of the people I helped get monetized and be able to make money online. In the video below, he shares his experience. He now gets paid in dollars every month, he is able to travel anywhere and even pay school fees for his children.

If you need more proof if my stuff work or not, you can check my YouTube videos where I publish videos and I show proofs in them. I know a lot of stuff and most of them are not on this list. So make use of this opportunity while the charges are still low. Will soon increase to K1000 per appointment. My WhatsApp line 0977770202.

I know you might be having a question like, if these stuff are working, why am I not keeping them to myself or why am I charging less?, well, I am sharing this knowledge, infact, I have been doing this for years. On my main YouTube channel, I have more than 400 videos. My goal is to help as many people as possible. Check out some of my good reviews here.